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The academy is focused on enabling inclusivity. It aims to do this by giving people the chance to learn about and partake in adaptive sports regardless of their age, gender or physical ability.

In October, the academy is due to launch its first regular training sessions, which will come in the form of weekly wheelchair basketball sessions at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre.

As well as this, taster sessions will also be available for schools, businesses and groups throughout South Devon.

The future plans of the academy involve launching a range of sport-specific training sessions. This means that individuals will be able to take part in training sessions which best suit them based on things such as their age, the sport they would like to play and whether they want a relaxed and informal, or a competitive and intense session!

Wheelchair basketball training sessions

South Devon Adaptive Sports Academy are excited to announce that we are launching weekly wheelchair basketball training sessions on Saturday 16th August!

The sessions will be for participants aged 11+, and will be held at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre every Saturday between 11:15am and 1:15pm!

Basketball wheelchairs are available for any participant that would like one, and your first session is absolutely FREE!!!

After this, each session is £4 and this can be paid via cash or card.

Taster Sessions

South Devon Adaptive Sports Academy will soon be offering tailored taster sessions for schools, businesses or groups who want to learn about and try out adaptive sports!

Further details will be added shortly, but please feel free to contact us if you have any queries in the meantime.

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